Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Teenager sells her virginity to relieve.....

A teenager from Brazil has said she has put her virginity up for auction – with bids starting at about £264,000.

Rosalie Pinho revealed she has taken the decision because her family are facing ‘great financial difficulties.’

With the money raised from the auction, the 19-year-old student hopes to relocate to a bigger city, buy a house for her mother and pay her college fees.

She said: “I’ve never dated anyone and the maximum contact I’ve had with other guys is limited to a few kisses.

“At first, the idea of sleeping with a complete stranger scared me, but I got used to the idea and I’d rather lose my virginity in this way than with someone who will break my heart.”

Rosalie said she decided to set up her own website after seeing other young women selling their virginity.

She claims to have already received offers of about £440,000, and hopes the bidding will reach an eye-watering £750,000.

And there are no restrictions on the winning candidate, as they can be of any age, ethnicity or religion – the only exception is they must be clean of sexually transmitted infections.

Rosalie added that her auction is a ‘secret’ that even her family and friends are unaware of.

She said: ‘”People’s opinions will not help solve my problems, the auction is going to. We live in the age of sexual freedom, it’s my body, it’s my rules.”
Bidding will come to an end in May, she added.

Prostitution is technically legal in Brazil, but employing sex workers and operating brothels are against the law.

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