Friday, 22 September 2017

Ambrose Ali University (AAU), Ekpoma Police Versus Internet Fraudsters (AKA Yahoo Boys)

Note: This article contains Nigeria Local English, known as Pidgin English, so bear with the writer and Enjoy the Life students live in Ekpoma.

As the popular saying goes, police is your best friend! Never the same with AAU student, “when you see police run my brother for your Pocket, cos if them catch you na 40 and above you go pay” I know their saying seems rough but I will personally tell you is the best saying we’ve got in interpreting how the police act.

I remember when I was in this town in 2013, then I newly got admitted into the school, if you are being stopped by police is because they’ve accessed your dress and worth it highly in cash, the first question they will ask, will be, “ wey your phone?” immediately they have it, they will ask you to unlock it if is on lock, the first place they go to is your picture, immediately they find out that you have a picture of a white person “oyebo person” you are considered as a G-Boy (Yahoo, Yahoo person). 

Officers: “ Oga you either settle with any cash wey you fit, as long as e nor dey below 10k or you go station pay nothing less than 20k” which they normal don’t like cos, the money will go straight to DPO with very little or nothing entering their pocket.

2015-2016, G-Boys got wiser and polices got wiser after many experiences of being used. IPhones became widely used by G-boys, because they can hide their implicated document on a locked app or hidden file that police can’t reach. At this stage police became the “Dog” while G-Boys became the Owner/master of the Dog. Little did they know that police will get to meet up with that system quicker than they thought. It started happening again and many G-Boys were caught and the charges this time was higher than it used to be, be it direct settlement or station settlement. I believe the cost for settlement was higher because of the stress they took finding out how to use IPhones, imagine an Officer of 50years operating an IPhone when they don’t even know where Ringing tone on their Nokia or china Itel phone is, definitely hell of a Stress.

Within this period police discover about those G-Boys doing Local, but it was hard to catch one, thou the sign of someone doing Local is the use of Itel phone. Guess it was hard cos almost everybody was and still uses itel Phone. 

2017- Till Date, police took the fight between them and catching G-boys very serious “Number One Priority”. Any guy with a car is a G-Boy except those with Audi nothing and below are to be considered normal persons, not an insult to those guys with Audi Nothing, “if I offend u nor vess”. We all know a normal G-boy even if he has nothing in his account the least Car he will drive is Toyota Camry nothing. Let alone having Meters(millions) in his account, Range Rover Sports, all Type of New Model cars are like sand in Ekpoma. You caught with one and you pay nothing less than 70k direct cash, station pay, nothing less than 100k, or “dem go threating you with; We go send you go Abuja if you nor Pay”. 

ASUU Strike began, many students no longer in Ekpoma, nobody to arrest. Police became angry, no cash. This time around anybody with high smart phone, or laptop. No need to ask for the phone to be unlocked, cos you are already considered as a G-Boy. I remembered when my hostel friends and I went to charge our phones and laptops close to our hostel cos the town in whole was having serious light issue going to 3weeks at that time, due to one NEPA man beaten. Immediately we came outside of the hostel when we finished charging we saw a police van passing by, immediately they saw us, they stopped at the middle of the road, came down from their Toyota Hilux and started chasing us, “the run wey we run that day nor be here, to us we were saving our pocket, but to them na money them they see for the top of seven of us head, we gat run pass our hostel so them nor go know say na there we they stay, cos if them find out, OH My GOD!! na every two days new set of police go they burst our hostel”. we ran to the point we had to board bikes to take us to Big joe Pack from Ujemen. After everything we confessed that, we have never seen police officers run like that, “if nor be say we add fear join our race those guys go for catch us and take nothing less than 40k from each of us.

“Story don End stay tune for More in Next Article”

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