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How to get your Adsense approved in less than a Month

How do I get my Adsense approved? what should I do before my Adsense can be approved? why is my Adsense not being approved? I have spent more than 4months applying for Adsense yet no approval? Adsense not approved why? I want to start making money from my Blog what should I do? etc…. All these questions will be answered shortly In this article…!!

If you have that mind set of entering into Blog without making money, then this article is not for u, but if otherwise, get prepared as I unfold to you the only way to get your Adsense approved within a month or less than 2weeks. All you have to do is to follow these steps accurately and that’s all.

Step one:

Arrangement of your blog to suite user experience: These one is usually the first error committed by a novice blogger, they assume Blogging is all about opening a Word press or Blogger account and start blogging with the simple template giving to them at first. If you are in this category don’t feel too bad cos I was once In your shoes when I opened my Blog last year February. To overcome this downfall or problem, all you have to do, is to look for a Blog to imitate. For example, if u operate a Word press, look for other word press, I mean a good word press run by other people that their Adsense have been approved, try to copy their exact format to your template, then you can add some relevant stuffs in the HTML to make yours better than theirs. 

Step two:

Your content: Blog that has little content, can never be approved, that’s why Adsense usually give 4months before you are eligible to apply for Adsense. Within that 4months they expect you to have nothing less than 100 articles with great Traffic (views), I know having site traffic is another problem, don’t worry I will be treating on this also. I know most article you’ve read before this one, will tell you that google Adsense can only approve original content, but I tell you that’s a lie, thou is kinda true but it was then when Adsense newly came out. I believe they changed that policy cos Bloggers that have original content can’t give them more money than those Bloggers with copied articles. Don’t be scared, I know you have asked the same question in Adsense forum, and they told you the same thing, that all your articles was copied and at such will not get approved, don’t mind those people, they are just as confuse as you are, cos they don’t even have access to approve Adsense on any sites. I prefer calling them, Mailers, cos their job is to check mails on questions asked about Adsense, then tell you things they read from an Old Manual.  

Am here to tell you that Adsense also give platform to those with copied materials, but must be reasonably copied, Yes it must!! Just imagine a Blogger copying an article from a news feed website or any other source, and the Blogger copied both the picture and the article… I tell you if u are in this category, you will keep on applying till the world comes to an end, and u will get disapproved till and after the world had come to an end. When you copy an article never u copy the picture, even if the picture is irreplaceable because it depicts the true picture or scene of that article, the best you could do is to download the picture, then if the picture is replaceable you can use any picture. Way to get a picture, is by copying the title of the article, google it, then you will see several images relating to that article that you can use. Another thing you should also know about copying an article, is the title of the article, if the title can be edited in another way that can depict the same meaning as to what the article is saying, then change it, and lastly the first paragraph of the article can also be edited, but if you feel It can’t be edited then copy it like that, it is allowed.

If you are involved in news articles, that is, your Blog talks about celebrity life, marriage life, education, sports, or all of them put together just like Gidixtra, then you must make sure that your news are always up to date news, not something that has happened 0ne week before, or 4 days back..

*Please don’t get this wrong when I said copying of articles, I am referring to bloggers that engages in news feed, like Gidixtra. For it is highly prohibited to copy personal original articles like this one you are reading, cos you might end up losing your Adsense even after being approved.

Step three:

User Experience: This is the reply most bloggers or other website operators get when their application for Adsense have been denied. To increase user experience simply means, you should try to categories your articles in your Blog so users can easily search for what they want. Example look at the top of my Blog under my Adsense you will see something like, Home, News, Comedy, etc that is what that mail is try to let you know. Arrange your articles like this, and  you are 60% close to getting approved. The problem is, I don’t know how to do it? how will I arrange my label on a page level? this I can help you with contact me through my 

Email: Kesterigbins@yahoo.com,  Tele: +2347036538215.

When you send me a mail, call me immediately, cos I do receive bulk of Emails daily. And if you have another issue you want me to do for you, you can include it to the Email.

Step Four:

Privacy: This one is the reason why most Bloggers applications for Adsense get rejected. Scroll down on Gidixtra, at the footnote you will see Privacy there. This is to show that we are into business and legal, Blog or World press without privacy can never get approved, thou it was allowed around 2006 till 2009 there about, but at present is no longer approved, as a site without privacy policy is considered as a scam and can never be approved. If you are interested in getting your Adsense approved then  you must have this Privacy on your blog. If I say, I should escalate on this Privacy topic, you might get confused and end up still being in the dark, as your blog Adsense continues to get disapproved. So, I personally urge you to contact me let me put you through on this.

Step Five: 

Web Domain: People say that wordpress or blog without domain can get its Adsense approved. I don’t know how possible it is, and it could be true anyway. I remember my friend telling me that same thing when we started Blogging together, but I chose not to follow that advice by buying my domain “Gidixtra.com” and my Adsense was approved, yet theirs haven’t been approved till now.
Come to think of it, is it possible to get from where you have not invested or planted…? Even the Bible says, “give you shall receive not receive before giving”, the same Bible says, “whatsoever a man sows that he shall also reap” which means you can only reap when you must have planted. Just like the principle of Farming, “when you sow you should be expecting harvest”. Then tell me how possible it is for a Blogger who wants to make money from his Blog through Adsense will achieve his aim, without sowing into his blog. I personally advice you if you want to get your adsense approved, please buy a domain. Cos, is an act of telling the google adsense or any Ads that you intend running on your blog or website, that you are ready for business and they should accept your proposer. 

Talking on which hosting site to use, there are many Web hosting site out there, but have you ever tried to click on a site and it seems not to respond even when you know the fault is not from the network..? Guess you know how annoying it is waiting for a site to load…? These are mainly the problem from the hosting site. That’s why I strictly advice those that are into website, be it Wordpress or Blog or any other website form, that desires high traffic through Free advert on Google search engine, Bing and Yahoo search engine, to go for the best hosting platform, Bluehost.

Bluehost has been serving multinational company website, ranging from, blogging, sports site ( such as Skysports, Goal, 234sports etc ) social media site, Musical Site, even Banks site etc…. Bluehost has been rewarded as the best platform to host any website. If international Banks, sporting site and social media that gets unique visitors of Millions could value and use it, then you have every reason to use it. Apart from this, they offer other platform that could be of value to you;

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Which hosting site could do this…. Free Domain, Free advertisement of your Blog/Wordpress or any other website platform during the subscription process, etc…

Step Six

High Traffic: this is the last step. Most of the times Adsesne get disapproved due to Low Traffic. The question we then ask ourselves is, how do we get this High Traffic…? It is easy as long as, you have your social media platform, you can meet billions of people online, tell them about your blog through your Status or through advert on your social media, but if you are on Bluehost service don’t border yourself about this, as they will help you publicise your Blog for free. 

If the problem is about no money to get a advert kicked off, then use your Facebook page/group platform to get your Blog or Wordpress known. If am to advice you, I will tell you to go for Facebook page cos is the best and easiest to use. The problem now is, how will I get people to like my Facebook page..? Don’t worry about that cos am here for you, contact me and I will tell you a secret I just discovered 2days back, that will give you over 2,000 likes in two days for a start (this is only applicable for those that intend opening a Facebook page, but if you have a Facebook page already then it cant work)

*Conclusion; don’t you ever think one step from these 6 could be exempted cos they are all relevant. And I personally urge you to kill in, into these steps if you want to start making Money from your blog in less than a month.

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