The Power and Influence of women in Business

Have you ever wondered why women so much display effect on social media…? Don’t be anymore, cos, is their nature to have influence anywhere they find themselves.

I wonder how they do it, cos most times when I post on social media, mostly on Facebook. I end up getting less than 10 likes, if is a post of writing, while a post of picture, I get less than 70likes…..
But ladies drop post like; Am bored, who is online, I just got angry, nobody wants to chat, am sad, etc. Within 15 to 25 minutes, you will see likes of, nothing less than 60, with comment of, nothing less than 25. I begin to wonder, how do they do this stuff and how they are able to exact so much influence on every one both male and female….. One answer popped up from my head for that, 
“is their nature you can’t beat them when it comes to influence”
Now if ladies exact so much influence, how come they are weak when it comes to Management or Influencing people’s behavior in the business place...?

The answer became so obvious when I took a close study of women believe and attitude in business mostly when they are not the owner of the business. They are scared, and full of doubts, and at such they can’t display, their GOD given natural ability to influence people in the business world.

Thou the power of men dominate the business world, I tell you that females has more hidden influence to bring out to the word, to make it clearer that, there isn’t much difference between the men and the women when it comes to Influencing businesses positively.

Ways every woman must know, if she is willing and has the passion to influence her business positively. I can say, from my own perspective are;

·         Motherly Nature: I believe they are all aware of these, the ability to calm others down in time of pain and trouble.. This is what the layman will call, “Caring”. If she is willing to show this at work, she will be able to win the heart of her followers psychologically, and get them to obey her decisions at ease.

·         Calm Voice: This is mostly referred to as gentle, sweet, lovely voice… The layman calls this “Respect…” This is a factor that all ladies who aspire to be the head or are the head of a business must have, mostly when most of the workers are men. You are their boss, so true, but you know, men are always in the indomitable position, even when they know you are on top as a lady. If a lady is able to pass this attitude “Respect” to the team in the business, that lady should be rest assured that her influence in that business will grow….. Like the Tree planted by the River Side.

·         Decent :Why male workers hit on their bosses, is because, they display every reason to get a hit from their male workers. Imagine a lady boss wearing Short skirt, that is as tight as the normal tight shorts, and she knows she has this, GOD bless nature around the waist. She puts a 10inches line cut at the side of the skirt, showing her leg above the knee level. What do you wan the boys to do, or you think cos you the boss they wont approach you….hahahahah……Never you underrate the desire of men when it comes to lady.

·         Cleanliness: Dirty ladies are the most disrespected boss on earth, they get this teasing from their workers, be it girls or boys, their words are never strongly heard to, cos when they speak, even when the new workers want to follow orders, the teasing they get from their fellow workers concerning their boss, discourages them from pursuing their boss goals with enthusiasm. At such they get lackadaisical about the work….

·         Reasonable:  As a woman of influence, you must be aware that people will find themselves confiding things to you, sometimes u get shocked at what they say to you…. You must be reasonable enough not to let other ears know about it. I know things get nasty most times, and you just find yourself saying things you don’t want to say, when such things happen, I advise, you give yourself the best self-control you can, at that point not to lose the trust of your subordinates. If you do, I bet you, you will get the worse from your workers…. Mostly when the secrets are personal secrets, not about the company...... Lack of trust brings lack of good productivity…..
This I can say, but if you have more to add feel free to contact us, as we give our readers the chance to get their articles know to the world…. Without Charges

Before I draw the cotton here, I would like to tell you a life experience that happened between my cousin sister and me……
She got into this Mobile business of distributing card for wholesale (that is, selling the card from one store or shop to another), hope you understand what I meant by “Mobile distributor of Card”

Which she introduced me into and I felt interested, cos the viability of the business was good from the angle of wholesale distribution. During the process of the business, I will meet people that sells this provision stuff, pub houses, petty stores, etc…. I normally get this reply,
“I nor trust guys for this kind business, una fit sell fake card give person, una mind too strong..!” 
I will be like, “Haba!! Mama, you fit trust me, infact load the card for my presence e go work, if e nor work I go give you your money back”…. 
They will never say yes, or ok, instead they will say,
"nor worry one day I go buy from you, shey u dey pass this street wella, [reply: Yes], nor worry one day, one day, I go buy from you"….
When my cousin sis comes back from her sales, I tell her my experience from the business, she will say,
ok, “I go help you talk to the woman tomorrow”. 
When we both get there the next day, she will only say this word after the pleasantries,

"Mama I dey sell card, the woman will be like how you tey dey sell……………?

 My Reaction  will be like...!!!!

Ojoro..!!! which juju be this...

This continued for a long time, to a point, when I began to exact what she taught me to win the trust of buyers, thou it was not as effective as her own, cos am not a woman….but it helped me to win some good potential buyers in the market…

In conclusion, this will tell you that women posit more influence and power in the business World than men, but ignorance, fear , doubt has swallowed their ability to explode productively…..!!