I am so broke with no house or car to my name – Singer, Sean Kingston

International music artist, Sean Kingston has said that despite selling millions of records at some point in his career, he is dead broke with neither a house nor car to his name.

He also admitted that he has less than $500 in his bank accounts.

Kingston made this submission while filling out his financial information form in a lingering court case he has with his ex-lawyer over legal fees.

The singer wrote: “I currently own no property or automobile. I live with my mother, Janice Turner in Los Angeles.

“I am simply an entertainer.

“I have less than $500 cash to my name

“Summary of my bank account statements are as follows: ‘Bank of America account began the month with $18.96 but ended the month with $6.96. Chase bank accounts started with $370.68 and $207.63 but ended with (negative) $19.65 and $7.22.’”

In 2015, Kingston’s ex-lawyer James J. Gangitano had sued him for refusing to pay up $12,500 worth of legal work he did in defending him.

After filing suit, the lawyer reached a deal with Kingston in early 2016.

He agreed to pay $20,000 in installments between April 2016 and January 2017.

However, Gangitano headed back to court this month accusing him of breaching the deal by failing to make the payments.

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