Sunday, 11 June 2017

Britain's oldest heroin dealer, 81, caught red-handed.

Britain's oldest heroin dealer was caught red-handed at the age of 81 with drugs stashed in his crutch.
Granddad Albert Maycock was supplying the drug to a member of his family, a court heard.

He had also previously been caught with crack cocaine wrapped inside children's chocolate eggs and in a watering can.

Maycock, walking with a crutch, admitted having 7.38 grams of heroin worth about £730.
He appeared at Plymouth Crown Court to plead guilty to possession of the Class A drug with intent to supply on February 10.

Wearing a polo shirt and a blue hooded top, Maycock was released on bail to be sentenced next week.
Police said he had packets of heroin hidden inside the telescopic tubes of a metal crutch.

Officers stopped Maycock in a Vauxhall Astra estate in Plymouth, Devon, at about 11am.
Nick Lewin, for Maycock, said: "He was holding the drugs for a family member. He was the controller of the drugs for someone else's addiction."

Recorder Jane Rowley told the defendant: "You have pleaded guilty to a serious matter. I understand that is on a basis.

"The sentencing judge will consider all the options when the matter comes back next week."
She added the options included imprisonment and a community order.

Police said he had packets of heroin hidden inside the telescopic tubes of a metal crutch
The judge released him on conditional bail to be sentenced next Friday, on June 16. He must cooperate with the probation officer writing his report.

Maycock admitted back in 2008 of straightforward possession of the Class A drug crack cocaine.
He had 24 grams of the drugs in a kitchen cupboard, in a watering can and even a wrap inside a child's chocolate egg.

He later denied knowing of the drugs and said he only pleaded guilty because they were on his property. A court seized £1,450 from him, ruling the money was the proceeds of crime.

Plymouth magistrates gave the defendant a six-month curfew order, to be electronically tagged to stay indoors from 6pm to 6am daily. He was also ordered to pay £60 court costs.

Maycock was thought to be the one of the oldest people at the age of 72 to be electronically-tagged.
Magistrates heard back in 2009 that Maycock suffered from asbestosis after a period working in Devonport Dockyard.


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