Sunday, 28 May 2017

The North must not continue to decide for all Nigerians – Dr. Awosan

Chairman, Centre for Ethics and Cultural Orientation, Dr . Olusanya Awosan, has noted that Nigeria as a whole will not always wait for the northern region to take decision.

He said this while condemning position of the Northern elders in the call for restructuring of the country.

Awosan accused the Hausa/Fulani of being adamant to the call because they are benefitting in the current structure of Nigeria.

Fielding questions from the Punch, Awosan said, “I think some elites in the North are opposing it because they are profiting from the imbalance and injustice inherent in this present structure.

“The northern elites have not used the power they have to better the lives of their people.

“The only reason is simply that they are profiting from the present structure. In every part of the country today , there is agitation.

“We cannot run Nigeria based on the terms of the North alone ; there must be an agreement among the component parts of Nigeria.

“The Biafra agitation started because of the imbalance in the current structure.

“Poverty and illiteracy are still the order of the day in the North . I think these problems manifested in the form of Boko Haram.”

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