Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Senate to revisit electricity billing system

The Senate during plenary on Tuesday agreed to discuss the billing system of all distribution companies in the country.

The decision of the Senate followed a motion by Senator Dino Melaye who relied on a point of order to accuse the AEDC of astronomical billing.

Melaye said officials of the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company came to his residence and changed his prepaid meter to a new one, which they also came to remove three weeks after.

He alleged that the company then placed his house on estimated billing, which he described as “astronomical and unfair.”

He wondered how the ordinary Nigerian could afford such high electricity bill if he found it difficult to pay.
“If me that is a privileged Nigerian is undergoing this pain and agonising over the astronomical fees, what do we say about the man in Aguileri or the young palm wine tapper in Otuoke?
“We must speak for those who cannot speak for themselves; we must discuss this issue of estimated billing by all distribution companies in Nigeria,” Melaye said.

In his remark, the Deputy President of the Senate who presided over the plenary noted the complaint, saying the matter would be discussed at plenary on Wednesday.

Thank GOD for allowing this matter to come up in the Senate. There have been several cases of complaint in my resident, where Electricity Distributors company bring heavy bills without reading the Meters of the users, not just that we always this bad light time frame of about 3hrs in every 24hrs then at times when they feel like extending it, they make it 6hrs in every 24hrs.

Apart from the reason i just gave, i remember a house vacant for over a year plus, because the occupants traveled. when they came back, they met heavy light bill on the ground of over 100k. Mean while, the Electricity Distributors chopped off the wire a month after they travelled... This has been a crisis on that house till Date as the Electiricity Distributors keep on disturbing them, and threatening them of arrest anytime they see them using light...

Lastly their charge rate should return back to the former rate before Goodluck Jonathan increased it....

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