Thursday, 25 May 2017

Only four percent of Buhari’s promises have been fulfilled in two years – report

In a new report by SBM Intelligence, which is to be released this week, only four percent of the promises made by Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, have been fulfilled. 
The report says the Buhari Campaign Organisation made 171 promises in order to get the votes of the people and yet, less than expected has been seen. 

SBM Intelligence said it outlined and categorised the 171 promises into 24 categories including accountability in public service, anti-corruption, cost of governance, economy, power, infrastructure, education and health care.

The report, according to Punch reads, “On the first two of these, there was marginal improvement by the government in comparison with its delivery in the first year, but the scorecard is still too poor to definitively proclaim any significant progress”.

SBM Intelligence says six promises regarding national security (four) and foreign relations (two) have been fulfilled, actions have been taken towards fulfilling 23 promises regarding anti-corruption, oil and gas, agriculture, and so on. 

However, little or nothing has been done towards fulfilling 126 promises. Also, 16 promises regarding economy, power, health care only negated what was supposed to be done. 

“The Buhari administration needs to understand that its biggest challenge is not diversifying an already diversified economy, but diversifying government revenues. This will mean widening the very limited tax net while delivering on the promise to cut the cost of governance drastically,” SBM Intelligence said in the report.

“On anti-corruption, a low 33 per cent performance score was recorded when measured against the promises, even though it is an improvement on the 17 per cent recorded in the administration’s first year. This attests that the jostling between the government’s executive ability and the National Assembly is impacting on the Buhari administration’s ability to deliver so-called ‘dividends of democracy’ to Nigerians.”

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