Tuesday, 30 May 2017

iPhone 8 leaked pictures give us the closest look at Apple's next smartphone

Apple's annual developer's conference, WWDC, is set to kick off next week in California.

But despite the inevitable software updates and new features, all the excitement is about what Apple will produce in the autumn: the iPhone 8 .

A fresh set of leaked images have been published on SlashLeaks and appear to show computer-assisted design (CAD) schematics of the new phone. The website has also published pictures showing a dummy iPhone 8 inside a protective case.

The leaks appear to confirm a long-held belief about the iPhone 8 ; that the entire front of the phone will be made up of the screen .

It would follow on from the Samsung Galaxy S8 which used curving glass to maximise the display on the front of the phone.

Many believe that Apple will make the jump to an OLED display for the iPhone 8 , making the display even more impressive.

But it's difficult to see where the TouchID fingerprint scanner will be.

Many rumours have suggested Apple will put it on the back - similar to the Google Pixel phone. Although the CAD schematics show a circle on the back which could be the scanner, leaker Benjamin Geskin (who posted the images) says this is just where the Apple logo would be.
Also in the dummy case pictures, there doesn't appear to be any space on the back for a fingerprint scanner.
This could mean that Apple is planning to build the TouchID scanner directly into the front screen.

What we can see is a vertical two-lens camera, which appears to have been carried over from the iPhone 7 Plus.

More images show the iPhone 8 in a folding, wallet-style case. It clearly shows the silver trim around the sides of the phone and the lack (again) of a 3.5mm analogue audio jack.

There are also dual speakers on the bottom of the phone.

Apple is also rumoured to be getting rid of the physical Home button and replacing it with a touch-sensitive digital button. Eye-scanning technology is also rumoured, as well as a dual-lens camera and wireless charging on all three models.

Although there's unlikely to be any official talk about the iPhone 8 at the WWDC conference next week, we will probably get to see the new operating system.

When Apple launches its next phone in the autumn, it will be running iOS 11 with many new features that we'll get our first glimpse at next week.

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