AAU on CBT exam crisis

 According to what can be seen from the picture, it is obvious that many students are still waiting to sit for their exam as at 6pm on Saturday. Thou the introduction of Computer-Base Testing (CBT) into the school, for the use of exams has been very productive since it started this 2017  1st semester exams.

The CBT system has made the exam system and arrangement easy, as it makes time for each set of students to write in the morning, afternoon, while others write in evening session. And it has also created the platform that allows students to miss out on their session, to write with others writing in the other sessions. That is, those arranged to write in the morning can miss their morning session to join the evening or afternoon session as long as is within that same day... More after the cut....

However, students have have taken advantage of this, by missing out on their time to join others writing mostly in the evening time. This has caused what you see in the picture.

If the school admin can make it restrict by not giving students Time flexibility then the conjunction of what is in the picture won't happen

GidiXtra gives kudos to the new VC and his cabinets for the recent development and changes happening in AAU right now