Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Nigerian lady calls outs Deeper Life pastor for harassment and stalking, other of his 'victims' recounts

It is surely a season of callouts,, shading, epic responses and clap-backs as social media has been turned to the new 'high court.'

A Nigerian lady has taken to Facebook to call out alleged Deeper life pastor who has been stalking and harassing her over her mode of dressing in the process the alleged pastors other victims also told their own bitter tale.  According to Chim'amaka Chiawalam she wrote

'I never knew there were many sick people in existence. This man in the person of Emmanuel Makuochukwu from no where started stalking he has proceeded to comment on all my photos i have ever posted on Facebook. More after the cut...

calling me a harlot in all of them.
I don't even know how to start insulting him.
But please someone should tell him to stop flooding my inbox with insults and fulling my notifications.

As for his spamming, I am made of stronger material than That
Yes i gree Emmanuel makuochukwu I am dressed like a harlot... can i rest now'

As at the time of publishing this post the man is still dropping comments

Someone even said its not his first time

 And then the drama started, others started talking

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