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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Man Finds Out His New Presumed Virgin Wife Is 4-Months Pregnant

According to the story about the above couple, it was discovered that the wife, who was presumed to be a virgin, is infact 4-months pregnant.

“We exchanged vows in a colorful wedding a few weeks back, even though I highly suspected that my wife was already pregnant with another man’s baby, but I married her anyway.. My suspicions became true when we recently visited a family doctor for routine check ups. More stories after the cut...

The doctor said she was four months pregnant. My Christian values ensured that I and my wife did not engage in s*xual activities before tying the knot, therefore cementing my belief that she cheated on me. .

I have since been heartbroken because I feel that I was cheated into marriage. I am seriously contemplating opting out even after sacrificing time during courtship and spending on a costly wedding.
Despite caring for my wife I cannot forgive her because there is no trust in our relationship.”

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