Hooked on drugs, addicted to sex, I wanted to die but Jesus saved me

 by Gaza Knigami Precious

I’ve been scared to share my testimony People (in church most especially) knew me as that talented daughter of my father that loves God. I was living a double life. Now, it’s time to come out and share what God has done for me really. Most things will shock you… lol… No fear I’ve been washed by the blood of the Lamb and I’m the righteousness of God.

That said, here is my testimony: I was sexually abused by a relative when I was 7 years old and I didn’t really get what had happened till I was like 10. I became very bitter and angry at everyone. I felt it was their fault it happened, I felt they had exposed me to that evil. It got worse when I turned 13, I decided and resolved in my heart I would give my parents a hard time for letting that happen to me so I did the opposite of whatever they asked me to do. I would pack my bags and leave the house just to make them get worriedThis and a lot more happened ….. “I’m not feeling this whole Christianity thing tbh” that’s what I kept saying till I finally gave up.

Fast forward to my first year in College. I said I was gonna try to be good (I was relying on my effort, little did I know all I needed was Jesus). I tried to pray and read my Bible at least once a day. I did that as a religion… I got bored, “I’m not feeling this whole Christianity thing tbh” that’s what I kept saying till I finally gave up and said maybe I’m just not cut to be “good” anyway plus my parents have already written me off as the black sheep of the family so I might as well just finish what I started (*all foolish lies of the devil*).
So I met this guy three weeks into college that I was totally into. He was in 3rd year, most girls liked him and he was quite popular. He also played the piano in church. So I decided to join the choir to get closer to him It worked (you know I sing pretty well) and we started talking. He fed me with all the lies in the book, being the naive freshman I was, I was excited. He saw how much I liked him and took advantage of that. I did many foolish things for him including drinking and smoking and all of that (we weren’t even dating oh). So he finally brought up the sex talk… I was so sure I wasn’t gonna give in but I did! My excuse was that technically I wasn’t a virgin because I was abused so I might as well get on with it! So yeah I thought it will be a one time thing but it became like eating food- breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and late night snack… that’s how bad it was.

I became addicted to sex and I felt it was love, I don’t even know how I became one of those girls I never wanted to be like – I was “that girl” I don’t even know how I became one of those girls I never wanted to be like – I was “that girl” We finally started dating after I pressured him (who does that). It was cute and stuff till God decided to intervene. Here’s how: I went to visit him one evening and we drove to an open space that had a nice view so we’d smoke and all. While we were at it, some police men came and arrested us. We spent hours begging and pleading, We finally bribed our way out of that situation but it was already too late and I was already 2 hours late- My curfew is 8pm. Now the only thing that could get me out of the trouble I was going to face at home was to fake being sick. So I went to my hospital and told them to call my mum. She came over and called my Dad, “iono” how but my dad said he knew I was lying and that he isn’t coming to the hospital. It was a funny scene because I made my Dad look like a bad father who isn’t caring and all. We finished from the hospital and went home, I was in my room texting my “bf” how my plan had worked and all when my mom entered my room. She asked who I was texting and I said no one… She came over and snatched my phone ”My life is over” I thought. I never deleted any of my texts I don’t know why (guess God allowed that to happen) she was about to find out I’ve been having sex, I drink and smoke. She was about to read all my filthy and dirty text messages and the thought of her looking at me in disappointment broke my heart and I wanted to die.

So I went into the bathroom and there was a big bottle of Dettol disinfectant. I drank the whole thing! I was on the floor and I really wanted to Die. I could hear my mom shout and call my name as she panicked and called my Dad to my room. I remember them carrying me out and rushing to the car. I guess I passed out on the way because when I woke up, I was on the hospital bed. I saw my sister and her husband and my parents. The doctor said I was lucky that the chemicals were already eating up the walls of my stomach and intestines. My throat was sore from the burns. The psychologist came but I wasn’t ready to open up to anyone, I still felt it was everyone’s fault. I was still bitter and angry, So I just blamed everything on everybody.

Ok so fast forward to last year September when I transferred to another school for a “fresh start.” Now this school I transferred to wasn’t even a Christian school. Its in the city of Abuja, for those of you in Abuja you might know the school, “Baze University.” I tried everything I could lay my hands on; crack, weed, Sk, Loud, I even tried cocaine once – I was so high I thought I’d die! I got addicted to partying, my weekend would start from Wednesday so we’d start partying from Wednesday to Sunday. I stopped going to church, I stopped praying, I started falling sick often and my body count started going up… There where times where I’d be too drunk to say no to sex advances. Times when I was raped repeatedly by some guys I hung out with regularly.

We’d just wake up in the morning and blame it on the alcohol and move on I made friends with big shots, and club owners, so one can say I was living large. Hanging out in the VIP with celebrities and all that. But I was very DEPRESSED I couldn’t even stay by myself anymore because it was risky for me. My Suicidal thoughts kept coming. I felt worthless and useless so I’d find solace in drinking and smoking and sex. Even when my my parents decided I’d no longer stay on Campus, I’d sneak out to party and hang out with “friends.” This time GOD had to take a drastic measure!! I wasn’t on Campus anymore so I wasn’t getting enough money as I used to and I wasn’t meeting up to the fake standards I had set for myself. So I stole 2 iPhones from my former roommate in school.
Long story short, I got caught!

It was a very shameful moment. Seeing my mom breakdown in tears broke my heart. I saw the pain in my dad’s eyes, at that moment I told God I didn’t want that life. Well I returned one phone but the other one was missing, I lost it because I panicked. I confessed everything to my parents and my sister was present too. So my sister told my dad to let me follow her for a youth camp organised by Youth With A Purpose (YWAP) that was coming up the next day. She said if I stay in the house, I’d just be left to think I’m the worst person in the world. So we went to the camp and that’s where I had an encounter with JESUS!!! I got baptised in the Holy ghost I was counselled I was prayed for. Every single word there was for me. During this camp, my old self died. I became a new person. I was off all social media for a while, I deleted all my accounts I needed to be alone with God!!!

God is still working on me and I’m so glad His love is overwhelming And His grace And the love I received from everyone My Dad, mom, my sisters, and Ywap. My parents said recently that they have seen a genuine change and I bless God. The devil tried and tried but he has failed I’m so excited!!!!

God is gonna do a whole lot with me. Thing is I’ve always known God’s call on my life was to be a Worship Minister, you know. But the devil tried to destroy that & he failed. I’m so happy to be here. I’ve learned a whole lot these past few days. Thanks for listening.

Sorry one more thing… Here is one funny thing that happened… During this period, I found out my voice wasn’t as great as it used to be… I had many opportunities with celebrities but my voice wasn’t as good…. Haha see, God…. He wasn’t gonna allow me use the voice he has given me to glorify someone else. But, Good News!!! My voice is back!! Stronger than ever Sometimes when I sing, I even surprise myself… Lol

Isaac Aluko Ademoroti

The chances are that most people already know that for political and administrative purposes, the entire world is divided into continents while continents are further sub-divided into countries.  Furthermore, countries are divided into regions or states.  Again, regions and states are divided into local government areas or boroughs.  Finally, local government areas are divided into cities, towns and villages.  All these territories, from the continent right down to the village usually have governmental cum political authorities which rule over them and manage their affairs.  For example, the body responsible for managing the political affairs of the African continent is called the African Union.  All these facts are common knowledge.

However, it must be realised that all these territories also have parallel spiritual governmental authorities which rule over them, calling the shots.  According to the Word of God, these are called principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6).  This simply means that continents, countries, regions, states, cities, towns and villages all have spirit overlords that exercise ruler-ship over them.  These are unseen rulers.  One thing that is common with these spirit rulers is that they are all against God and against Jesus Christ, His Son whom He has appointed heir of all things.  You can be sure of this.  They are also against the plans and purposes of God for humanity.  This is why there is always mayhem in several places.  Believe it or not, all the so-called traditional institutions in all countries, regions, states, cities, towns and villages are all, knowingly or unknowingly, hand-in-glove with these spirit rulers.  For your information, the successes that these evil forces record in any place or area would depend on the history of the area or place and the spiritual state of the Christian church in the area.