Steward's spit on player's face leads to fight after football match lol..

A steward spat on a player's face, as Talleres de Perico club players attempted to make their way down the tunnel at the end of a football match.

This led to a
fight on the pitch after the game.

The enraged defender, Franco Sosa was seen following a teammate, when suddenly a steward leaned towards him and appeared to spit in his face.

This made him run after the steward, along with his teammate David Arganaraz, as they threw a bottle at the fleeing steward.

Suddenly the victim's team mate, Arganaraz launched himself into the air and attempted to land drop-kick. He was then attacked by the steward and another man.

What caused the spitting and fight is still sketchy.

The match between Central Norte and Talleres de Perico ended 1-0 in favour of Talleres de Perico, but Central Norte advanced to the next stage of the Copa Argentina competition based on aggregate.