Tuesday, 21 February 2017

No Chill! Seyi Law Comes Clean For Pastor Who Condemned BBN

Is Seyi Law right? Lol, don’t just read the headline, read the story.

Hmmmm!!! Is Big Brother promoting IMMORALITY? Absolutely. Is it good? No. Is Big Brother entertaining? Yes. Does that justify the IMMORALITY? No. What are the organisers doing about it? This is as far as I know, the organisers cancelled the shower hours to reduce the level of obscenity and DStv gave us the choice to watch and not to, depending on you. What does this mean? It means watching is by CHOICE and not FORCE. Does that mean we can't voice out our opinions about the decadence of the morality in house? Of course, we can. Continue…

Is it right to demand or rain curses for cancellation because of your own beliefs? No. If you don't like it, stop watching, others watching are not using your eyes. Don't be a moral bigot at the detriment of others entertainment. This is the reason Christ did not force anybody to be a Christian. He is subtle in convincing you.

I know a lot of you have seen the movie, "Fighting Temptation" and we love the contest and all, why have our mega churches failed to replicate this sort of programme to edify God and promote talented Christians. Obama said, when they go low, we go high. Where is the HIGH for Christian as Big brother is going low? Is our HIGH in curses that we render thousands jobless? Ask yourself, what is the moral in that?

I am not trying to prove that I am the all knowing or omni knowest 😃😃😃, but I will rather be truthful to the failures in christendom than justify a Pastor's ignorance. A Pastor that can chastise publicly, must be ready to be corrected Publicly too. The same mantle of Priesthood on any Pastor is on me too through Christ who has called us all into ROYAL PRIESTHOOD.

Please feel to let the organisers of Big Brother know your annoyance on the moral decay and who knows as we achieved the cancellation of shower hours, we might win on moral uprightness. While we for that to happen, if you don't like what you are seeing, please change channel, no be by force. Dem plant your placental join big brother?

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