My Journey to Umukegwu Village, Akorkwa, Imo State.


It all started from the city of Benin, where my guys and I shattered bus to IMO State for the burial of one of our friend Mother, Ifeanyi AKA Ogbefi. who died last year, due to the failed and lazy attempt from Medical doctor at UBTH Benin, after spending over a million on a minor sickness that developed to a serious one right inside the hospital

The journey kicked off about 11 o'clock, Wed January 18 2017 in d morning from ifeanyi’s house. Initially it was planned for 19th, until ifeanyi came up with the news on Tuesday January 17 2017, that there have been change of plans from the family of his mom, that is, his grandmother and sis of his mom. So, eventually we had to leave on the new date. Due to change of plans most of our guys in Benin had to change their mind about following us, with the hope, they will come to Imo the next day which initially was the planned date. Me, Obi and ifeanyi where the once that finally went that day. Thou, I had many things to do that day and even after, had to sacrifices my time and everything for him with the hope of not regretting it. Read more after the cut...

Gidixtra and Obinna

As d saying goes, a long journey without someone sleeping is a boring one!! Just like what we can see here lol.. Let me continue b4 I was interrupted with that funny sleeping position. It was really a long journey that we were yet to get to Onitsha bridge b4 1:30. But before then we stopped at a local fast food joint called Sunshine, to refill the stomach so there won't be casualty of people fainting.. We finally arrived Asaba exactly 1:12pm after sitting for about an hour plus, including the time we spent on the local joint, that we ate from when we got to the outskirt of Asaba.

chisom (ifeanyi's younger sis), Obinna, Gidixtra

So far, the journey seems to be very peaceful thou we saw accident as usual, but, they were minor ones. When we got to Asaba, I immediately remembered my last journey to Asaba, wen I came to write my Abk PUME.. I actually stayed with someone, rather, a family friend that we got to know when they were still living in Benin before they relocated to Asaba. Unfortunately, rain fell heavily, u know what that means, you’ve to swim or pass an erosion that gets to your stomach level before you get to your residence. Except, you leaving in a well-constructed area with gutter or you leaving on a hill. Unfortunately, mine was different thou not worse, but, I had to pass through an erosion water that got above my knee level. That was fun anyway. There was an accident before we got to the main city of Asaba, before getting to Onitsha bridge, where a truck carrying fuel got burnt only GOD knows the casualties in the accident.

During my last visit to Asaba, I didn't really notice much, cos I was frustrated with the rain that fell that day and the next before I left. The only thing I could notice was d color of their commercial vehicles...  Hey am not saying they don't have good stuff they do, but wasn't opportune to see any, cos it was cloudy and raining.
Gidixtra, Obinna, Ifeanyi

Welcome to Onitsha 13:40, beautiful entrance, pretty view from the River. One thing I love so much in Onitsha, is the wideness in Road, so lovely, and the way they build their houses always on a 3-story building and above. Is obvious that if anyone build 2 story below, would seem like he/she wasted his/her money, so, is always on a 3stroy building above with 3 flat on each, Cool business .... Don't u think so.

Welcome to Imo State, we spent hell of a time on the road b4 we got their cos d driver took the wrong road that was leading to Anambra instead of Imo. The funniest part is that, when we were on the road at first my Igbo guys, obi and ifeanyi that knows d former root were doubting the road, until, we saw a woman, rather, a lady who the driver stopped to ask if he was on the right path going to Akorkwa in Igbo language, the woman replied in Igbo, "yes!! Just fire down… the road, u will see it" we drove about 20 to 30mins, yet no sing of getting to Akorkwa with the doubt that we were at the out skirt of Amabra. Until, we met those guys selling herbal drugs with Buses. Our driver spoke to the guy in-charge, guy said, "hey… una u don lost oh, cos na Amabra una dey so, na to go back to square one," which was Onitsha. what to do, than to take a U turn and return back, after buying several bananas on the way to Anambra thinking it was Imo state. what an exhausting  journey!!!πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

After an additional 15mins to the 20mins that was lost taking the wrong rout, we finally found the road leading to IMO. So, the journey to IMO finally started, 15:01. We finally got to our main destination 15:40...

Welcome to Umukegwu, Akorkwa, Imo state. After the offloading of load, our first welcome was a fight between my friend ifeanyi and his elder Brother. I know what u thinkingπŸ˜‹, not fist fight just quarrel, but, was later settled. Guess that’s why blood will always be thicker than water lol. After the whole scene, i asked ifeanyi, "afa when NEPA light go tey balling," everybody burst into laughter, was wondering if what a said was funny, untill obinna said, "my guy, na since 7yrs before them see light last for this town," i was like 😨😨😨😨  another thing i noticed was the empty network bar i noticed on my phone while i was right there.... One word came to my mind, "this town na Gab!!!!"

So, the experience Began... Hunger in town, everyone seems not to pay attention to it. Had no choice than to eat just banana. Call came in around 4:05, one of our guy, Osas, that ought to come the next day, called to say he was on his way. He came in Around 8pm. We had to go meet him up, hoping to Use bike, cos, the distance was hell far!! From the main bus stop at akorkwa to Umukegwu where we are. Yet, we (obi, ifeanyi and me) still had to use leg because we were deceived by ifeanyi, cos, he was saying, "guy we do reach there, na just small distance " unto the JJC I was, I would join him in saying is not far, so obi won’t change his mind about going. Thou, obi was saying it playfully that I don’t know how far this looks, that I should let myself be deceived by ifeanyi. That was how a short distance became a long!! distance. We finally got to see him, now achieving d second target which was, to use ATM. We had only one option, First Bank cos that was d only bank in the entire town... Getting there we discover the bank had no ATM Outside, even had no light what a terrible situation.. We went back home, not what u thinking, we used bike!! infact bikes, cos, this time around we became 4, ifeanyi, obi, osas and me. Obi and I entered the first bike to stop at a junction Called St Aloyius that night, with just one street solar light Standing right above were we were standing at Aloyius. The waiting began, about 5mins later, no sign of Osas and Ifeanyi .. All d sudden we heard a sound from the Bush... U definitely know d next thing, RUN!!!! got to a Point we thought we were lost until we saw a spot that we remembered that was how we were able to trace ourselves back with the help of one of the family friend to ifeanyi’s parent that resides in the village, Emeka, who helped us with his bike...

Finally got home, nothing much happened, played music, had some fun with hunger. Then I started wondering while in the whole town no light, ifeany gave me a shocking reply, “my brother if na light u they find just forget cos this town have not seen light for 7years” I asked, “how manage” he said, “their cable from the main transformer was stolen, yet no help from the people in the village, with the hope of depending, rather, waiting for the government to come help.” That thought of NEPA light immediately vanished from my mind, with the dependency on generator light., that was all that night.

The next day, January 19th 2017, as early as 7am Obi, Osas, and me, with an empty stomach since yesterday, went to first bank to use their ATM. When we were done using the ATM, we saw a lady selling food beside the bank. With such happiness, we bought rice hoping to eat with stew until we saw Banga soup on the rice. It was shocking as Osas and i, didn’t expect it until obi explained to us, that, “you don’t see, rather, hardly will you see where they sell rice with stew.” With that frustration and no option, Osas and me had to eat it, cos, an hungry man has no right to select food when there isn’t any option to select from. It was kinda sweet anyway “hunger spirit said.”

From there we went back to our camp, arriving there we met food being prepared. Wont call it food that much "sha," cos the oil rice was actually stupid, to know we weren’t lying, the youngest boy in the house about 11yrs rejected the food after his first spoon to the mouth. Guess that was part of the fun “annoying fun.”

Later in the day, we took a walk around the village, was fun as we took a tour around d village by foot to feel the emptiness and dryness cos noting was fun in the village. No good trees with better fruits, the only tree that was common in the village, was palm tree and it was mainly planted for palm wine purpose. This was unlike the general thought of how a village looks like in terms of different fruits. with such complaint, ifeanyi started saying that his dad had enough "Cashu trees" we could pluck and eat. The sound of that news brought smile on our face.

Osas (on white), Ifeanyi, Obinna, Gidixtra
finally got to the "cashu" spot, rather, farm, cos they were many... in the process of plucking, while, osas was on the tree, two men walked towards us. wont lie to you, the only thing on my mind was to find the quickest way out of there, cos, have heard several rumors of Imo people eating humans. But unfortunately the man came to drive us out of the land, saying, "what are you guys doing there, dont you know you are in another village" we were surprise, cos, ifeanyi previously said it was part of his late father's land, unfortunately, it was a lie. Guess he was trying to raise himself up for us as he usually does back in Benin City. We had no chioce than to leave, thou when were "mending" them, but from afar πŸ‘€.

We received a call that morning from one of our guy, Osarobo saying, “guy I dey road make una come pick me up”

Later around the evening hour, about 3pm, we went to town to pick up Osarobo. From there we went to do some flexing and hanging out with ifeanyi's cousin, Ada. Was fun as we gave the town some Benin vibes. After the whole stuff, as we were going back home to chatter “keke” cos we were now six, Ifeanyi, Obi, Osas, Osarobo, Ada and me. We got into a fight with one of the “keke” driver Brother, that refused to come down for us to enter. Was a serious fight, you know the Benin spirit, we just have to tell them how it feels when is fighting time.... After everything we were begged to leave and enter another “keke.” That was how we got home, to do the house “mozin” things. Later a church vigil was held that night/next day...

During the clean up. Obi, Gidixtra, Osarobo
January 20th, the main day for the burial... we all did some arrangement and clean up, then Ifeanyi’s girlfriend Adama came to town.. To initially join us till the next day that we were leaving. But before then, osas and I went to town to use the ATM. On our way going we both saw a pretty igbo girl coming opposite the direction we were heading for. Contemplating who among  us we go talk to her, with fear from his voice I knew he was indirectly saying I should go talk to her. With the sharp guy that I am, I went to her, a thought immediately came to my head that I should observe her hand first if she was married, luckily for me she wasn’t, but, her hand was as fat as a tube of cassava, I quickly advice myself to be vigilant not to receive slap from that hand, cos, I wont be able to stop the tears from dropping. Finally got to meet the girl, “ hey, babe, what’s up, am talking to you”  she was silent until we got a point where she met some married ladies beside a car. They were both speaking igbo. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, until, a woman came out from the car. The only thing that entered my heart when I saw her mood of coming out from the car, was to run, cos, it was obvious she was coming for a fight. I had to follow my heart, on the process of walking fast from her, so, she wont use me to shine or flex her muscles, the insult she poured at me with igbo language was😏😏😏….. I reserve my comment. Thank GOD I don’t hear igbo, so, the insult will definitely return back to her… 

The burial kicked off 1pm till 15:49 from the beginning to the end was a sorrowful moment, watching the woman we once do “halla” and greet every time we go to Ifeanyi’s house, going six fit, was really heart touching. After The whole stuff Osas, Osarobo, Obi, Adama (ifenyi’s girlfriend) and me, sat in a bush beside the house teasing ourselves was really fun to them, cos, I was the victim...
Osas, Osarobo, Adama, Gidixtra

Osarobo brought an idea of we touring round the village, but no one found interest in it, until an idea came out from my smart brain to go pluck cherre, “thou they had just 4 cherre trees in the whole village.” They all supported my idea. As we were plucking, one of village man came out with a katapot to stone us, but luckily for the man according to osas and osarobo, we had gone far from that place before he came out, if not the man would have been beating up for free, if, he had tried such nonsense. With obi suggestion to go pluck from one tree that he saw children plucking from earlier during that day. It wasn’t sweet anyway compare to the first one we went to pluck from that they don't allow people to pluck from. During the process of plucking from the new tree, one of d cherre fell inside a bush thou not that bushy. Ada wanted to go in to bring it, i told her don't worry let me go and bring it unknown to me I just entered into an Ant hill, horrible experience I had about 20 ants biting me both inside and outside my clothes that I have To get naked to take them off. I conquered but had to go topless from that place back to our village camp "πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’horrible experience.." As arranged we were to move on 21st which was actually the next day, but things changed as the elders of the village (omuna) arranged their next meeting with ifeanyi’s family on the 22nd which was on Sunday, with the grumbling and annoyance me obi, Osas, and Osarobo concluded to leave on Saturday 21st... the reason we were angry was that, ifeanyi initially said we should come empty to Akorkwa with all expenses on him including free transportation. Guess it was all lies as usual, cos, that guy was f**king broke yet couldn’t admit, cos of pride..

Saturday 21st, we left Akorkwa for Benin using normal transport line with our money we didn’t intend to spend, but, thank GOD we didnt come empty. Thou, it was stressful stopping from one bus to another it was fun anyway cos I had to experience the town with leg, unlike the first time I came to Umukegwu, Akorkwa with direct bus from Benin. on our way back to Benin we entered a bus that was smoking inside, eyes almost got pulled out, it was worse than tear-gas, but, thank GOD, we made it back to Benin...

All through the time I spent observing the people in East, I discover that their houses were always empty during the day cos I didn't see people walking around the street. Then a word struck my mind, "they are always busy making ends meet, seeing anyone at home, or u being at home for no reason is considered a taboo, cos, u will be mocked not only by your friends nor neighbors but even by your own family ...Annoying... but awesom. Lastly, about what I noticed was the confirmation on the flat top head that we use to tease them with, in Benin. The flat top head is common in 99% of their male children..

Lastly about my experience in Umukegwu, this is our we make and receive calls on our phone