Saturday, 25 February 2017

Google has turned students to lazy researchers – lecturer

A lecturer, Mr Ibrahim Oseni says students have become lazy due to their over-reliance on google search for their academic works.

Oseni, who lectures at the Mechanical Engineering Department, Kwara State University, Malete made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Ilorin on Friday.

According to him, the use of google search has turned students to lazy researchers.

He said students now relied mainly on their phone and computer set to solve simple questions as they did not want to stress their brain thinking.

“It is becoming a worrisome issue as students now run to their computer sets before they can answer simple arithmetic. Even assignments are being uploaded from google search just to earn marks.
“Students become lazy everyday as they don’t want to go to the library and get books that will improve them, instead they stick to their phone to get every information needed.

“They are not ready to try things on their own as they believe there is short cut somewhere on the internet. They don’t disturb their brain anymore to do anything,’’ Oseni said.

He said that over reliance on google was a common thing at all levels of education in the country, adding “at primary, secondary and higher institutions, students believed in short cut to their assignments’’.

Oseni advised students to read books and use their brain in attempting questions as google search alone would not aid their academic development.

He called on lecturers, teachers and student trainers at all levels to ensure proper check on their students and also discourage them from downloading google results to submit for class assignment.

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