Dictionary meaning: A Nation is described as a large body of people united by common decent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a state or territory. 

In this article am classifying a Nation as a general term to be those that shares the same affinity and culture, and those that shares different Ethnicity i.e. different culture or language
The first questions that rings in my heart when I had this topic in mind was,

 What is a Nation? 

What makes a Nation a Nation? 

The answers to the above question is “People”. I know many of us reading this article right now already knows the dictionary meaning to what a Nation is, just like I earlier defined it to be. But don’t misquote me when I said “People”, cos, without people a nation can’t exist. 

People here are referred to the power engine of a Nation, they can make it great or destroy it (i.e. Nation). We should stop waiting for what the government has to offer to change our lives, rather we get involved in actions that can change the country positively.

In this series, I will be focusing on “Self-employment as the key to restoring a Nations value”.
Am not saying those in the employee sector are not trying, infact, they are the power engine to the survival and growth of the company. But when the employee has this mentality of depending on the company as the only way of survivor till he dies then that employee deserves to be ….. I reserve my words but I would advise you change that conception about how you think towards that job.

For instance, if you take from the money you’ve gathered so far from the work you are, as an employee and you go into a business that employs about 10persons, eventually grows to 50persons in employment, another person does the same thing, rather, Let say like 50persons moves from the employee sector to the employers sectors employing about 10persons each, then another set of 50 persons does the same thing  employing about 20workers each, and it keeps going like that across the country. You will eventually discover that over time there will be fast increase in the countries growth as a result of high output which will become favorable to not just the economy of that country but also to you as the employer who will exercise veto control over the resources of the business. 

This is just an introduction to the revelation am about to unfold to you, in the business word that can turn you into a millionaire in the shortest time if u keep pressing forward with full determination and diligence 

Watch out for my next article on WHAT MAKES A NATION GREAT Via Business Tips