Thursday, 12 January 2017

UEFA: Manchester United have the second most expensive squad in European football,

Manchester United have the second most expensive squad in European football, a new study by UEFA has found.

With the likes of Paul Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan joining in the summer for bumper transfer fees, United sit only behind Real Madrid in the listings.

It is thought that United's squad is worth €613million - over €100m less that Real's.
Such is the money in the Premier League, English clubs take five of the top seven places on UEFA's list.

Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool also possess some of the most valuable teams in the world.

But it does mean that one of the top seven most expensive squads in European football will miss out on Champions League football next season, with the Premier League only having four spots.
Interestingly, it is Paris Saint-Germain who also make the top seven - and not Barcelona, who sit eighth.

Other Premier League interest in the top 20 comes from Tottenham, Southampton and Sunderland.
David Moyes's Sunderland team is in real danger of being relegated from the Premier League, despite having a squad that is reportedly worth €164m.

There is a strong representation of Italian clubs on the list, with five Serie A sides making the list.
Germany have three teams in the rankings, led by Bayern Munich in ninth spot, while Russian giants Zenit St Petersburg are also represented in 17th spot.

UEFA's most expensive squads

20. Wolfsburg, €152m
19. Sunderland, €164m
18. Borussia Dortmund, €168m
17. Zenit St Petersburg, €175m
16. Southampton, €176m
15. Roma, €190m
14. Napoli, €202m
13. AC Milan, €248m
12. Inter Milan, €268m
11. Tottenham, €273m
10. Juventus, €312m
9. Bayern Munich, €322m
8. Barcelona, €401m
7. Liverpool, €412m
6. Arsenal, €428m
5. Paris Saint-Germain, €437m
4. Manchester City, €535m
3. Chelsea, €537m
2. Manchester United, €613m
1. Real Madrid, €721m

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