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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Pastor Tunde Bakare: How Nigerians can get out of its' present economic recession

Ex- vice president of the Congress For Progressive Change and Head pastor, Latter Rain Church, has revealed that he indeed knows the way out for Nigeria.

Speaking at his State of the Nation Broadcast on Sunday in Lagos, said the country must discard its confusing and discriminatory exchange rate, remove kids glove in its fight against corruption and tackle insecurity by addressing the,” systemic issues that make it possible in the first place”.

In his words:

From variations of ‘chanji’, to the conflation of ‘change’ and ‘recession’, few, have been immune to exclamations of discontent 2016. The way forward is not so complex for those interested in genuine change.
Propelled by love for our nation, and driven by a desire to see this government succeed, we come with additional propositions in 2017.
‘The confusing and discriminatory multiple dollar to naira exchange rates must be discarded. A more reliable exchange rate, mutually beneficial to our people & economy & attractive to foreign investors, should be put in place. “

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