Only God could have done this! I suffered from Asthma for 19 years...

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Lord,  my life is in Your hand as it has always been. As a young lady, I have suffered from asthma for 19years. It was killing me but no one could understand  my plight. I could not dance or ride on any thing . Inhaler was always on me. Even in the medical reports done on me, the doctors said l had a hole in the heart. 
Thank God for Jesus. HE did not only save me spiritually, HE saved me physically. My faith was challenged and strengthened  during the February 2016 Holy  Ghost service. I told God HE is the same , distance  and color of skin do not matter. 

The Word of God says we overcome the enemies by the power in the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the testimonies . Truly, the move of God in the lives of people made me decide  that I would  do away with  MY inhaler.. Since that February, 

I  stopped everything about human way of dealing with the ailment. I hung my faith on Christ. In March of same year, I went to my doctor for test. I was placed on ex-ray and the  likes. To God be the glory. The ex-ray confined that the  asthma of 19 years had gone. 

I am delivered  and loosed from the grip of a long life agony. Praise the Lord