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WHAT MAKES A NATION GREAT? : The Employee side


First, I will be talking about Employee. Who is an employee ? 

Dictionary meaning:  A person who works for another person or for a company for wages or a salary.
I will put it as; A person who is enslaved under the caprice of another person. The definition looks funny but is true, cos, if really observed u will discover that an employee is always conscious of not losing his job, no matter how stubborn he may be, he or she must end up executing that job. 

I like us to check the good sides and bad sides of being an employee. Before we do that, every employee should be aware that your working place is not just to earn your primary purpose “money”, but to learn to practice. That is, getting the knowledge needed to run an organization. “This can only happen when the employee is humble to his boss and his willing to learn”

Advantages of being an Employee:
  • Health and Retirement Benefits
    The best part of being an employee of a company is that they usually have benefits available. Health care is a huge benefit of being an employee, as it is much cheaper through an employer than on the individual market (this will change slightly in the United States in 2016 when insurance exchanges are put in effect).
Companies also often match 401(k) and 403(b) contributions up to a certain amount or percentage. They sometimes also offer some nice programs where you can lend yourself money against your retirement account and the interest you pay on the loan is paid to you.
One final benefit that larger companies offer is employee stock purchase plans. The plans vary depending on the employer, but some offer up to 15% discount on their stock and allow you to sell the same day they make the purchase. Others force you to hold for a longer period of time (I know one friend who has to hold his company stock for at least three years before selling). These programs are for the most part built in bonuses that you have to opt-in to receive.
  • Less Dependency on the Bottom Line
    When you are self-employed, the revenue that is left over after all expenses have been taken into account is literally what you take home. The benefits of working for someone else is that generally (unless it is a commissions-based job) you have a consistent paycheck regardless of the bottom line. Yes, if a company is losing market share year-over-year that consistent paycheck (or job) could change. For the most part, though, working for someone else gives you the security of a consistent paycheck and less dependence on the bottom line.
  • No need to be a jack-of-all trades
At the beginning, a lot of entrepreneurs are forced to deal with accounting, legal compliance, marketing, administrative tasks, and more. When you are an employee you have the benefit of not having to be a jack-of-all trades.

In my current role I can focus solely on the accounting piece. Yes, I have “customers” but they are other internal employees who I provide reporting to and who I am held accountable to. I am very removed from the end client and I see it as a good thing as I can focus solely on my role in accounting and reporting.

Some people enjoy the idea of doing a variety of functions, and that’s okay as long as they take into account the fact that there is a difference between the idea of doing it and the idea becoming a reality. Can you imagine how unhappy some people become when they realize they hate dealing with all the various functions of running a business and being self-employed?

There is no denying the fact that working for yourself and owning your own business has advantages over being an employee. As I have described, there are also advantages that being an employee has over working for yourself. Ultimately, it comes down to listing the pros and cons of each work setup and deciding which aligns better with both your short-term and long-term goals.
If you think there are more benefits to an employee? Let me known

Disadvantages of being an employee:

Working for someone can be stressful. Just the thought that you are supposed to give or deliver a quality performance that is expected of you is a stress causing factor itself.

• If you are an employee, you no longer own 100% of your time to do your personal thing. You have to set aside personal concerns during break time or after office work. The company that you work for owns your time and it pays every minute of it in exchange for your services.

• You have no right to choose or refuse any task that is assigned to you. Even if you find it boring, tedious and routinary, if it’s within the scope of your work. You are obligated to do it.

• Demanding bosses are hard to please but whether you like them or not, you have to show professionalism by respecting them as your superiors. As they say, you don’t have to like your bosses but you must respect them.

• Working for a boss can be stressful. The pressure is inevitable especially if you are being asked to submit or prepare a report right away. Some bosses can be very demanding and rude. If they need something, they want it right away at the top of their desk. Otherwise, you will hear harsh words from them.

• Aside from bosses, you also need to deal with your fellow employees. As possible, you have to blend with them and their personalities to create and maintain a friendly and pleasant working environment within the workplace. Same treatment or dealing with your bosses. You don’t have to like them but you always need to show professionalism and respect.

• An employee earns a monthly fixed salary. Whereas, if you are your own boss or working as a freelancer, you can earn unlimited income if you want to and even bigger than company managers or executives.

• Job pressures can sometimes cause sleepless nights and headaches. And too much of it can affect your health.

• Sometimes you are requested and obliged to render an overtime work even on weekends. The only time that you are supposed to bond or spend quality time with your family especially with your children.

• Working for someone can be stressful. Just the thought that you are supposed to give or deliver the quality performance that is expected of you is a stress causing factor itself.

• The hassle of waking up early, preparing family’s breakfast in a hurry, leaving the house partly messed up, dropping the kids at school and rushing to your workplace just to arrive on time can be very strenuous.

Before concluding if being an employee or employer is good or bad, i want u to stay clue to Gidixtra business tips, as we bring you the employer side of MAKING A NATION GRATE this week...

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