Friday, 30 December 2016

Woman Reveals How V!G!Nal Discharge Can Bleach The Skin

Though we should be used to hearing how sperm is used to cure pimples and acne and though some people found it disgusting and “ewwwed” to the thought, some of us found ourselves using it on our faces with the hope of smoothing our faces.
I would leave the eventual result for some other day and delve into the heart of this article. Apparently what we didn’t know or what I didn’t know was the fact that vaginal discharge can be used to actually bleach the skin, cure acne and even malaria.
One Kenyan woman claims she made the discovery. According to her,

“Here is the real secret to smooth flawless skin, stick your finger into your honey pot and scoop some discharge, tongue is a good tester to alkaline level of the porridge of life.
If the discharge from your nun can bleach your panties, what makes you think it can’t cure malaria? mums you have a cheap and natural solution to a smooth skin in between your legs. Rub the discharge on your face before going to bed and report here after 7 days,”
Though no doctor has come out to confirm this, the said woman is so sure of her discovery and has urged ladies to try it for themselves. Please can someone try it and tell here at WOF if it worked? Lol

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