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Cross-dresser, Bayo accuses upcoming actress of being fetish, she fires back saying he stole her 60k & lives a fake life

This evening, popular cross dresser, Bayo aka Funky Chacha took to his Instagram page to divulge details about how his close friend of six years, upcoming Nollywood actress, Amanda Akano accused him of stealing 60k from her box after she consulted a native doctor/ herbalist called Baba Fadeyi introduced to her by her mum.
After some minutes, Bayo took down the Instagram post, but not before LIB's quick fingers screen-grabbed it. His friend Amanda in an exclusive interview with LIB denied visiting a herbalist, but revealed that it was her pastor.

Bayo, talking to Linda Ikejis Blog, said he's a born again and he was so shocked to find out that his friend Amanda was fetish in nature, that she doesn't know where she kept her money because she takes drugs and the night her money got misplaced she misbehaved in front of the cab man because she was high. Bayo also said that on so many occasions he has been with Amanda when she got huge sums from men and no money got stolen so why should she accuse her now because of 60k.
Bayo in his IG post, said he wanted to make Amanda famous, hence his Instagram post on her, revealing her 'fetish' ways.

But Amanda,in her defence revealed some very messy things about Bayo saying he and his group of friends are always broke and she is the one that always helps them with bills and feeding. Amanda also said that her pastor in Portharcourt revealed to her that Bayo stole her money, that he even mentioned Bayo's full name. Amanda also said that all Bayo does is sleep around with different club owners and not help his life because he is surrounded by fake friends.

Read the very messy revelations and see screen shots and pictures below;

Speaking to LIB, Amanda said;

'I went to stay with them, they are my friends, so i felt okay, why not stay with them. Even though i know they don't have anything or much money, just because i feel free with them'

'Bayo invited two friends over on Friday night/Saturday, he even invited one of my former classmates Mary. I had 60k in my box and i had like 5k in my purse plus 50k that i wanted to use to travel to Ph so i could use in Spa as my skin changed because of this Lekki water that turns red.
I opened my box, counted out 10k from my money and left the rest in the box and Bayo was the only one in the room then, as others had gone out to do make-up.
He was the only one who saw me as i counted the money'

'I was even comfortable that it was Bayo that was in the room as i never believed he could steal from me'
'He takes my bag, clothes, little money here and there and when i find out, he says he's my friend that he can take my things and i shouldn't complain'
When u ask him why he takes stuff, he claims right'

I've been in Lagos for a while, they too they've been in Lagos in a hotel living above their means,  on the Island in a hotel they pay 20k per night. Hotel people have been embarrassing them because they can't pay and i've advised them, you girls should live according to your means. Rent a house or go back to PortHarcourt, you mustn't hustle in Lagos. Even when we all went to Big Brother auditions, the cab we took there i spent 8k of my money on them, even Olivia (her cousin) and her friends have gone back, they left the hotel on Friday.

'I go to the Place and buy food for them, this isn't the first time Bayo is stealing from me'
I keep telling them, get a house, stop staying in hotels, i'm saying this because i loved Bayo from the bottom of my heart as a friend, even back then in school (Uniport) when guys and cultists want to beat him up, i stand up for him'
Do you know that even as i was coming to the hotel they hid it from me that they were owing their hotel fees?' 'It was until the manager came and was embarrassing them, knocking on the door that i knew they were owing hotel bills of up to 75k.
'How can i lose 60,000 in a room i'm in with my friends, and they were owing the hotel 75k. The manager came and knocked around 1a.m, that they are giving them till 6a.m to leave the hotel. He was there with his best friend Zyma (aka Zamillah), myself, Mary and others.

Now on Friday night, i counted my money and i was supposed to leave the next day, to use God is Good motors. Luckily for me, i went in the morning to the park but i missed my bus, so had to go back to the hotel'
'I went back to the hotel and Bayo was so pissed at me for coming back, he was busy shouting that why did i miss my bus, that am supposed to be in Ph, that why did i let the bus leave me'
I was now like, Bayo i'm the one that missed my bus, why are you that pissed, am i not the one who missed my bus? I should be the one who should be pissed'

Now i ordered for food and Kush for them oh to smoke, only to open my box and i didn't see my money again.

I asked them all and they denied it, do you know just because i didn't want to believe that Bayo stole the money, i started accusing someone else, because i wanted the truth to come out'
I said it was Bayo and one other girl that saw me count the money meanwhile he was the only person who saw me count the money because i didn't believe he could steal such an amount from me'

'I was so angry, i immediately called my mum, i was crying'
'It's not the money that made me cry, but this are people i call my own, so why will my money be missing in my 'family' room.

 'My mum told me i should just come back to Ph, that she's been fasting for a long time now and that she's in the spirit, that she'' take me to her pastor, Daddy Fademi.'Mum also asked me if i had any remainder of the money, even if it was a note i should just come back with it'

I went back to ph, to the church with my mum. Immediately the pastor prayed, and said the person who stole the money was a guy, even called his name Adebayo, how did he know his name, talk more of to know the name started with Ade?.
The pastor said it was a boy's hand that took the money, and we were four girls and a guy. So how did the pastor know this details? Jesus!

'Bayo's a liar, the man is a pastor not a herbalist. Shey u know Yorubas call their elders and pastors 'daddy', that's what i called him 'daddy Fadeyi' and Bayo changed his name, going to post on IG that his name is Baba Fadeyi, that he's a herbalist and that i'm fetish'
How? How?
And now they've automatically paid their 75k hotel fee? How? And this stealing happened after hotel management told them that if they don't pay up, they will seize their phones and throw the out with police'

'Bayo is too fake, the whole of Lagos knows that boy'
'I really liked that boy, even when his so called best friend (Zyma) was treating him like trash. He asked her for common Mascara and she couldn't even give him simple mascara, i saw this happen and out of anger gave Bayo my own new unopened Mascara'

'Very fake friendship he has with Zyma, she went to Next Movie star house and stopped talking to him, she goes to Shina Pellers house and leaves him to stay outside the gate till she's done with Shina, because she can't take someone like him into the house' Bayo cries for me to tell me his friend has changed'
'She picks up his cloth with a finger, treats him like dirt. Very useless friendship'
This guy i liked him so much, so many times i've fed and protected him, why should he steal from me? Why?

'He's been taking things from me- stuff like jeans, 1k, 2k, tops, but i just overlook it. If you try to bring it up, he starts wailing that the whole world is against him because he is gay, because he wants to be himself, no one wants to accept him. He says his father has rejected him, his mum has disowned him and the whole world wants to reject him' ' So i'm like nobody likes you but you keep doing bad bad things'
'So when he talks like that i just overlook it so he won't feel bad'

'Someone that has been my friend since certificate days till today and he now does this to me? That's very bad.

'This Bayo of a guy, it's now my eyes have opened.
Even when i was insulting Mary, saying she stole the money because i didn't wanna believe Bayo stole from me, Bayo was defending her that she didn't steal from me.
To show you how good i was, do you know that even after my money was stolen i spent 20k twice to buy them good food for them to eat'

'Do you know that he brags that he's now famous and i'm jealous of him because i'm not as famous as he is'
'He keeps saying everyone knows him, Tekno knows me, Cynthia Morgan knows me, Shina knows me, the owner of Escape knows me' 'What kind of life is that?'

'You are popular on blogs, but u don't wanna work hard and help your life?' Before he put up that picture showing his butt on the internet, i advised him as a friend that he shouldn't put his butt on the internet'
'I told him look at Denrele, look at Bobrisky, do you see them showing off their butt on the internet' How have i been a bad friend to him?'
If i talk, he says am hating because he's popular'

'My brother, is popularity success? He's popular but he's broke, he's popular but he can't feed, can't pay hotel bills, what kind of popularity is that?' Imagine he goes out with a guy and comes back and lies to us, saying he met this guy but when he saw his di*k he refused doing anything with him because it was too big , so he told them let them just be friends'
Imagine am i a 5year old?

'All he does is sleep around with all the club owners and refuses to do anything with his life'
'I regret the friendship and i've learnt my lessons' I just liked him because i didn't like the fact he was rejected and abused by everyone wherever he went'
'So i wanted to be there for him'

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