Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Super Eagles players allege NFF didn’t pay total allowances

The Super Eagles have alleged that the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) shortchanged their payment for a win bonus for the 2018 World Cup qualifier against Algeria.
The Federal Government had released a bailout fund for the payment after the NFF was unable to meet its obligations.
The players are entitled to $5,000-a-man at the rate of 305 Naira per dollar, which is a total of N1,525,000.

However, the players have claimed they received a million Naira each at the rate of 200 Naira.
They were reportedly paid N23 million, instead of N35 million.
One of the players said, “I got a million Naira as bonus for the win over Algeria, just what I got for the win over Tanzania.
“I was also told that the government released the money for both the wins over Zambia and Algeria, but we were only paid for one of them.”
“The NFF informed us that we will be paid in Naira for our home games due to a new government policy, but even at that we ought to be paid more than a million Naira because the official rate of the Naira to the dollar is 305 Naira and not 200 Naira,” added another aggrieved player.

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