Nigerian politicians need psychiatric test – ex-EFCC chairman

Former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Farida Waziri has said Nigerian politicians need to undergo psychiatric evaluation before occupying office.

Waziri said this on Wednesday while delivering a speech at the inauguration of the Nigerian Women Against Corruption project in Abuja.

She said some politicians start to accumulate wealth and houses they don’t need immediately they assume office.

Waziri said, “I sit down sometimes and wonder what corrupt Nigerians are thinking of. Somebody gets a big position and thinks he needs a big house in the United States and then jets out to buy a mansion. He comes back and then wants a house in Europe. He jets out to the UK to buy one and then thinks of the UAE, he jets out to Dubai and buys one and he is not satisfied.

“He then jets out to South Africa to buy one. I went to Pretoria and I was taken to a street which was vacated by De Boers, the white farmers who had left South Africa and I was shown houses owned by Nigerians. They looked like cathedrals to me.

“They looked like haunted houses and when these Nigerians travel to South Africa, they can’t stay there so they lodge in hotels. So, what is the aim? What goes on in their minds? And that is why I said that before the government employs anyone to positions of authority, let them be medically examined. They need psychiatric test.”