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Friday, 16 December 2016

Neymar Reveals How Lionel Messi Saved His Football Career From Collapse (Must Read!!!)

Neymar has revealed that Lionel Messi takes the credits for jump-starting his Barcelona career in 2013.

The forward moved from Santos to Barca that year, but struggled to adapt to life in Spain.

However, after a conversation with Messi, his performances began to improve dramatically.

“I have a nice story about Messi,” Neymar told CNN on Thursday.

“Soon after I arrived, it was not a great moment in my career and he was the one who helped me. He saw that I was sad, with my head down, that things were not going right for me.

“He told me to keep going, to be happy and to play the way I know. He told me this and he helped me a lot at that moment in time.

“He is a person who I admire a lot.”  Neymar has gone on to form a fearful attacking partnership with Messi and Luis Suarez, popularly known as ‘MSN’.

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