The Devastating Effect of Self Condemnation

No doubt, many demean themselves and always derive pleasure from derogatory remarks like

“I know I am not qualified for it”

“people like us can never get there, how? Na winsh” ‘’am just such a basket’’

"Nothing I can do will ever be good enough, Even before I try, I know I’m going to fail"

so there’s no point in even trying. By saying things like this you put yourself in a pitiable condition and expect respite from people.

People like this always derive pleasure in self-Punishment, Psychiatrists will tell you that a person with such behaviour is driven by guilt and has a perpetual sense of wanting to punish himself.

Self-Condemnation also manifests itself with destructive effect in relationships. If you are in a wonderful relationship with somebody who really loves and cares for you, you will inevitably do something that sabotages the relationship because again, something inside you tells you that you don’t deserve to be with this person.

It takes the Grace of God to come out of this cycle of defeat, and the devil is the Guru of this, been the Chief accuser, he continually nurses in you, a self-defacing and derogatory thoughts.

You must see yourself as a very qualified candidate for the Future you so desire, most especially as Jesus has used his blood to pay for your life and so nothing should hinder you from dreaming of the Good life. Change your Vocabulary and then see your life change. You are as Good as anyone who has done anything great, even better off. Start seeing yourself differently and see how different your life would be.

Exerpts from the book title: The inner giant by Osarenmwinda Adams Pius


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