Rahama Indimi alleges that Ex-husband Muhammad Babangida tried to abduct their kids

The messy marriage fight between Mohammed Babangida, son of former military leader, Ibrahim Babangida and his ex-wife, Rahma Indimi is getting messier as she is now claiming he is trying to abduct the kids.

Read what she wrote after the cut....

"Mr Muhammad Babangida,pls understand sending thugs to abduct my children is not helping matters. You have traumatized the kids by sending ur goons to kill me, arrest me while they are watching. Then today you send your thugs again to snatch my children (and they almost killed my precious daughter by grabbing her neck and choking her, thank god the school has good security system otherwise only God knows what will happen) while we are in court! Why won't you allow the court to pass judgment? Are you afraid that you can't corrupt every one? Haba muha, enough is enough. I'm truly blessed the school were quick to react, my driver was quick to respond and my nanny telling the kids to run while she held on tight to the kids that your stupid goons beat her. Allah ya isa. #iamafighter #willfighttilltheend"