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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Prostitute leaves customer with bloodied face after he offered to pay for sex with boiled

A prostitute in Zimbabwe battered a man’s head with a bottle of beer after he offered to pay for sex with a boiled egg. 28-year-old, Moses Mushonga, walked up to the prostitute known as Chipo, around Mvurwi town of Zimbabwe, and manhandled her. He leaned into her and then touched her breast. After that, Moses tried to bargain with his only asset, a boiled egg.
Mushonga told the 23 year old prostitute that he had just spent his last bit of cash on two boiled eggs which cost 0.25 Zimbabwe dollars, but sadly he had already eaten one and wanted to know if the other egg would get him some loving. It did get him something...just not what he bargained

Feeling insulted by his attitude, Chipo flew into rage and hit him with a beer bottle, and then punched him in the face, before knocking him out. By the time people rushed to the scene to rescue the victim, he was already bleeding heavily from the head.

He told the state’s local media that, ‘She could have just said no.’ However, Chipo, was not charged by the police. She was also heard saying that the guy simply needed to be taught a lesson about respect.

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