Prince Harry lambasts press over unfair coverage of new girlfriend Meghan Markle

Prince Harry has attacked the “racial undertones” of press coverage of his girlfriend Meghan Markle in an extraordinary statement in which he warns that he fears for her safety.

The prince said “a line has been crossed” in reporting of his relationship with the 35 year old American actress.
Speculation of their relationship came weeks ago after the duo were spotted hanging out together. They were also spotted wearing what appears to be matching bracelets. Since then, there has been massive press coverage by UK media of the actress's every move, and what the Prince has described as 'harassment and abuse.'

“Some of this has been very public,” his spokesman said in a statement. “The smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces; and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments.”

"Prince Harry is worried about Ms Markle’s safety and is deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her,” it said. “It is not right that a few months into a relationship with him that Ms Markle should be subjected to such a storm. 

The statement confirms for the first time that the pair are in a relationship.

Read the full statement below