NANS speaks on,ongoing AAU protest

While speaking with Comr. Ben okonofa, he said he his very impress with what he is seeing and hearing and he plead to all student to be brave as aluta must be revive.

He also told me to tell you all that your safety and student-ship is guaranteed as nobody will hurt anyone for NANS  insist on "one for all, all for one".

He also said all student should avoid the protest going into violence (damaging of school properties ) & lastly

He said "NANS will call a Congress in AAU tomorrow or next, if nothing is being done today, and when the Congress is done, management will be left with surprises from the protest, as student will be left to act on their will"

The way students are showing enthusiasm toward the protest, it is obvious that all school activities will be shut down for a while, until all issues between the government and student is resolved