Guardiola Fires Warning Shots To His Players Despite Difficult Win

Pep Guardiola has warned his side against complacency in dealing with long balls if they are to succeed in the current Premier League season.

Manchester City continued in their impressive form as they beat Burnley 2-1 at the Turf Moor but Guardiola pointed out his side’s ‘faults’ in dealing with long balls.

He said: “It’s also difficult to defend against long balls. Burnley are taller than us and second balls are good. They are so dangerous. All Premier League teams do well in this area and we have to improve a little bit the way we deal with those kind of actions – in Spain and Germany, it doesn’t happen.
 “You cannot press because there are long balls and they are taller than us. They put the ball in the channels, looking for corners and free-kicks. I have to learn what we have to do.

“Some faults are our own fault. I also need time to understand the referees. We are so satisfied for the points and the performance, especially three days after the Champions League.

“All of the players showed huge character and a lot of personality – and after going 1-0 down at a stadium where only Chelsea are better at home. We are so happy. We have a long week to rest a little and prepare for Chelsea.”