CNN denies reports that it aired 30 minutes of hardcore porn

CNN has denied viral reports that it aired 30 minutes of inappropriate content on Thursday night.

What really happened was a viewer was tuning in for a new episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown on CNN when the show took on an unexpected new meaning and showed hardcore porn starring transsexual pornstar Riley Quinn. See photos below.

The viewer, @Solikearose immediately complained about the mishap on Twitter, posted multiple NSFW images of the on-air pornography online on the social media website asking if anyone else was seeing what she was seeing.
“I can't wait until [RCN] wakes up [tomorrow and] realizes that hardcore porn was broadcast on [CNN] instead of [Parts Unknown] tonight. 
“Did anyone else with RCN in Boston see the hardcore porn that was broadcast by CNN by mistake?” she asked. 
Unfortunately for her, before she even realized it, her story blew.

Dozens of news outlets including Variety, the New York Post, and Esquire reported it. Their stories were shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter, along with the notion that it was a widespread problem affecting “viewers in Boston.” 

And it all went viral.

Moments later, Rose began receiving abusive hate messages from people accusing her of perpetrating a widely circulated hoax. 

It turned out only her house was affected, no other viewer had seen the hardcore porn.
RCN also responded, saying:
"We have not had any reports of the programming issue you mentioned on CNN in Boston. If you're still having an issue with that channel, please DM us your address so we can troubleshoot when you're home."
The embarrassed woman later spoke with BuzzFeed News regarding the entire ordeal:
“I initially posted because I wanted to see if anyone else in Boston had been affected,” the used explained on Friday. “I think it was a broadcasting error that affected only my house.”
She has since made her Twitter account private because of the assaults but she still insists that she did not fabricate her story.
“I can tell you that it’s real,” she continued. “People [accused] me of faking the story and creepy men sending me dick pics and sexual messages.”
 The pornstar star featured also thanked the network for the free airtime.