APC And Buhari Are Shameless For Telling Nigerians About 2019 Ambition – Ex – Lawmaker Blasts

Ex-lawmaker Dr. Junaid Mohammed has described President Muhammadu Buhari’s govt as shameless for saying Nigerians will support him in 2019.  Mohammed says Buhari’s govt is power-hungry, hypocritical and corruption-ridden for talking about 2019 even without no achievements after one and half year in office.

Dr. Junaid Mohammed, a second republic member of the House of Representatives, has described the government of President Muhammadu Buhari as shameless for saying Nigerians will rally behind the president in 2019, Vanguard reports.

Recall that the presidency on Monday, November 21, dismissed suggestions that the masses will dump President Buhari in 2019, saying it’s unfounded and utterly ridiculous. But in a swift response on Tuesday, November 22, Mohammed said:  it is shameful that Buhari’s government is already talking about 2019 even without no achievements after one and half year in office.

Mohammed said: “It is very unfortunate and shameless that a government that is yet to do anything is already talking of 2019.

It is very unfortunate that a party like APC that is fast becoming moribund is already talking of 2019 when they have nothing to show for the four years Nigerians gave them. This development shows they are power-hungry, hypocritical and corruption-ridden.

This entire 2019 discussion is ridiculous. I believe a government that has performed will rely on its performance before being considered for another four years in office. We are not even in the middle of the four-year term given to them and they are already talking of 2019.

This is an unfortunate development and it shows the ineptitude of the government. For a man that has led us into the worst recession ever and has got nothing to show Nigerians since he assumed office to be talking of 2019, shows how shameless the government can be.”