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Friday, 28 October 2016

'During my first 6 months on air, all I did was say "o'clock" six hours a day' - OAP Freeze

Freeze recalls his first six months of work at a radio station in the 1990s. Read below.

"Most people don't understand what it takes to be a broadcaster, I have heard "is it not to talk on the radio?" It takes a whole lot more. For my first 6 months on air, all I did was "o'clock" six hours a day, five days a week on an AM station.

When it's 6pm for instance, the main presenter would say 'it's 6' and I would say "o'clock" that was all I was required to say for an hour, then again at 7pm he would say, it's 7 and I will say "o'clock", repeating this every hour, never saying a single word more till my shift for the day ended. Was I sitting idle for the remaining 59 minutes 56 seconds? Of course not!!! I was buying zobo and buns, photocopying stuff and going to and from the news room running office errands, awaiting my next stint on the radio, where my services were needed to say "o'clock". This was all I did for 6 months, in the 1990s before I was considered fit for the radio."

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