Sunday, 10 July 2016

2Face Idibia’s Brother, Hyacinth Idibia Hints Comeback After Almost A Decade On Low Key

Hyacinth Idibia and his wife, Sana

Hyacinth Idibia, one of the younger brothers of Nigerian music icon, 2face Idibia has dropped hints of a new album after staying away from the musical scene for almost a decade.

The Benue-native was a member of the now defunct music group ‘Da Natives’ with AJ, although they separated in 2008.

In an interview with Weekend Magazine, Hyacinth revealed he’s working on a new album titled ‘Believe’.

He said, “This interview is the first public mention of the project and its name. I’ve been working quietly, up till now that it is fully ready. But I’ll start with dropping some singles to burn up the charts first before the album itself comes out.”

On why he has been flying under the radar all this while, the returning artists said he has been taking care of his family, getting some work experience, and of course doing music.

“The music has been low-key all these years, but very much alive,” Hyacinth Idibia said, “I have been living in the United States for the past 7 years now, so family life takes a great deal of my time. I’m also running a couple of business ventures, as well as schooling. But I’m now ready for the music industry again. This time, there’s no stopping me. I just hope my loyal fans will take me back. I get private messages from fans all the time, asking me when I will drop a new song , and if I am still coming back to music.The answer I always give is ‘yes’.”

Hyacinth confirmed he has a duet in the works with his elder brother 2face as well as other fresh artists he would love to collaborate with though the project is “top secret”, for now.

He also confessed to living in his brother’s shadows.

“People tend to compare us. At first I was letting it get to me, and it was making it hard for me to truly be myself. Due to the high standards he has set in the music industry, it’s difficult for people to see me for who I truly am, without having to bring him into the picture.”

Reminiscing on a previous incident, the artist said, “I remember some years back when I went for an interview at a TV station and I thought I was supposed to discuss myself. But before I knew it, they shifted most of the questions about me to my brother. I thought to myself ‘Hey, this is supposed to be about me. However, I have come to realize that I have to do what I have to. Regardless of whatsoever, people will still talk anyways and that’s a fact.”

The younger Idibia observed the Nigerian music industry is doing pretty well globally now as he thanked the hard-working artistes, video directors, DJs, and so on who keep the flag flying and rep the nation outside her shores.

Hopefully this Idibia will sate our appetite just like his elder brother has been doing continuously.

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