Reasons Why APC Might Lose Next Election In Edo State.

    All Progressive Party (APC), is the incumbent party in Edo state which has ruled for 8 years and ends this year with the upcoming election happening few months from now.

As known by the people living in the state, their have been more development in the reign of APC compare to the reign of other parties that has governed the state before. All this development which took place were given as a praise to the party (APC) thou it was the effort of both the state and the federal government under People Democratic Party (PDP). But never the less the development from both the federal and the State has contributed greatly to EDO STATE

 Focusing on the topic here are the listed reasons why APC might not continue is rularship for another 8yrs

1. The nonpayment of Salaries In some remote town in Edo State

2. The removal of youth empowerment scheme (YES) staff

3. The increment of Ambrose Ali School Fees.

Among these 3 reasons number 2 and 3 gives the party low percentage chance of regaining power because, it affects the youth of the state. The increment of AAU tuition fee from 50% to over 150% by the incumbent party seems to be wrongly decided because, he should have considered the fact that the state wasn't industrialised. This has made many youths who got admission last year to forsake their admission because of lack of funds to meet up to tuition fee demand. These has greatly affected the youth negatively on how they look the party to be. Like it is widely known the youths have great influence in determining which party wins an election.